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Deathie-in-Chief: Amani Loutfy

My mission is to empower all people to contemplate and plan for the end of their lives. I believe that this preparedness is a path to liberation in this life, and helps us maintain our connection with our loved ones, especially at the times we need each other most.


I'm a heart-focused death companion and hospice volunteer, advocate, survivor, clown, and corporate leader.
I believe in curating our lives, including the end of them, on our own terms, in full color. Out loud. 

From a young age I understood that to live a long time means outliving many people, pets, and life stages; losing loved ones comes with the territory. I hope to offer my own experience and wisdom, as well as that of many diverse voices across the world, in support of anyone seeking support around end-of-life issues. 

Smiling Amani
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